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lvkangwei fruit trees special fertilizer

lvkangwei fruit trees special fertilizer

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Product Details
  • Size:  2
  • Place of Origin:  BEIJING
  • Brand Name:  zhong nong lvkang
  • Model Number:  lvkangwei
  • Weight: 0.500 kg
Green Conway is "beneficial micro" developed on the basis of probiotics fifth generation plants, fruit trees Conway choice and promote long green fruit tree disease prevention beneficial endogenous Bacillus, the use of modern bio-engineering technology prepared by machining. This is suitable for fruit trees, with a yield precocious, protecting flowers and fruits, and enhance resistance and improve the taste of fruit and other effects.
Technical index endogenous Bacillus viable count ≧ 200 billion / $ g
Features] [Efficacy
● promote crop growth, increase production, improve quality, improve stress resistance and other features.
● can plant surface, in vivo transfer of colonization, with a high affinity for host plants, less affected by the environment.
● plants, animals, the environment and other non-toxic, non-polluting, safe.
● can be used with a number of insecticides, fungicides, fertilizer, growth regulators and the like in combination. Labor, time-saving, easy.
● Shupan base fertilizer: 10 g per tree using this product, combined with basal fertilizer applied into organic fertilizer or soil Shupan.
● Tree Spray: 700-750-fold dilution of the FDA uniformly sprayed tree, throughout the growing season, can spray 3-5 times. Before germinating spray can promote germination, the spray can be placed in mid-May fungal infection. Mid-July, and promote fruit enlargement and enhanced blade function, can play fresh fruit, Storage Diseases prevention role.
  • Size:  2
  • Place of Origin:  BEIJING
  • Brand Name:  zhong nong lvkang
  • Model Number:  lvkangwei
  • Weight: 0.500 kg
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