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Sino Green Agri-Biotech Co., Ltd.
Sino Green Agri-Biotech Co., Ltd.
Brand name
Main products Bio-fertilizer,Fertilizermicroflor,Bio-organic,Bio-pesticides,Environmental Biolog
Annual sales USD 50,000,000.00
Date of establishment 1988-04-19
Number of employees 1000 Persons
Number of R&D staff 100 Persons
Number of quality inspectors 100 Persons
Area of factory 5600 ㎡
Brief Introduction
Sino Green Agri-Biotech Co., Ltd.is registered in the Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park Yanqing Badaling green energy industrial park of high-tech biological company, is the China Agricultural University agricultural biological agents in the test base and pilot base countries increasing bacteria Research Extension Center. The company is committed to the development of bio-fertilizer, micro-ecological insecticide and fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, bio-pesticides, additives, microbial fertilizer and biological agents, environmental protection and other high-tech products, with advanced patented technology and research China Agricultural University as the basis for China Sustainable Agriculture contribute their efforts to the development and the development of green agriculture.
The company a total area of 7,000 square meters, plant and office space 5600 square meters, the first phase investment of 10 million yuan, the establishment of efficient probiotics fermentation production lines, advanced post-processing workshop and packaging workshop, with an annual output of 30,000 tons of microbial agents production capacity. The company has experienced management team and domestic first-class R & D team, provides an important guarantee for the healthy development of enterprises.
Brief Introduction
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