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Microbial agents (broad spectrum)

Microbial agents (broad spectrum)

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Product Details
  • Size:  2
  • Place of Origin:  BEIJING
  • Brand Name:  zhong nong lvkang
  • Model Number:  lvkang
  • Weight: 2.000 kg
【Yield and disease control 】
Rice, corn: 8-18% rate increase, seedling disease can prevent evil, rot, rice blast, sheath blight, a total eclipse, smut, stalk rot disease;
Rape, sunflower: increase the rate of 15-25%, can prevent Sclerotinia, clubroot, black shank and black spot, etc;
Cotton, tobacco: 13-22% increase rate, can prevent blight, damping-off disease, Wilt, black shank, brown spot disease;
Vegetables and melons: increase the rate of 16-28%, can prevent seedling disease, fusarium wilt, root rot, gray mold, downy mildew, blight;
Potato, sweet potato: 15-30% increase rate, can prevent blight, scab, black spot, etc;
Beans, peanuts: 16-30% increase rate, can prevent flames seedlings, root rot, leaf spot;
Fruit: increase the rate of 13-30%, can prevent rot, ring rot, leaf disease, leaf spot, mildew and other heart disease;
DRUGS: 12-25% increase rate, can prevent root rot.

1. basal or basal: mixing the product with organic fertilizer, manure and other fertilizers or even thrown into the ground, immediately plow plowing sowing. Rice, wheat, corn and other food crops per acre 2kg; vegetables, sunflower, cotton, tobacco, melons, potatoes, herb, beans, peanuts and other crops, per acre 4kg; fruit Meike 100g
2. fertilizing or banding: transplanting crops using this method, the present fertilizer applied evenly into the hole and trench, transplanting casing, reference may be basal.
3. Seed: large seeds per acre 500g; small seed per acre 100-150g.
4. dipping: Dilute 80-100 times, dipping half an hour.
5. Summer dressing: perennial trees and other fruit trees, tea, etc., will be the product with organic fertilizer, manure or fine soil mix in the open ditch roots four weeks was applied uniformly, immediately casing watering, referring to the amount of base fertilizer.
6. Spray: diluted 300 times with a gauze filter after spraying.
  • Size:  2
  • Place of Origin:  BEIJING
  • Brand Name:  zhong nong lvkang
  • Model Number:  lvkang
  • Weight: 2.000 kg
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